Single Platforms Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Sheets & Pipes Cutter

Highly Cost Effective

Single Platforms Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Hongniu metal sheet and pipe laser cutting machine, equipped with fiber laser power ranging from 1kw to 6kw. Optional 3m and 6m pipe cutting capabilities. It cuts both sheet and tube metals. The machine features an open structure, providing visibility of the work process. This versatile fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting metal plates and pipes, saving over 50% of space and improving productivity. With its integrated sheet and pipe design, it offers enhanced industry adaptability for various thin metal sheets and pipes. Pipe diameter range: 20-220mm.

  • Metal Sheets & Pipes Cutter
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Work Area:3000mm*1500mm to 6000mm*1500mm
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Passed CE/FDA/ETL,Meeting European and American Standards

Main Advantages

Single Platforms Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Double Pneumatic Chucks

Wireless control, one-key clamping, and constant clamping force make our chucks ideal for tightly securing heavy tubes. Plus, concave supports prop up the tube for added stability.

Autofocus Laser Cutting Head

Auto-focus software adjusts lens for precision cutting of 20mm thick plates. 10x faster than manual adjustment.Collimator and focus lenses have water-cooling heat sink, extending head life.

Precise Efficient Flange Transmission

The flange drive enhances power transmission, minimizes friction, and improves machine stability and durability, resulting in more efficient power transmission and prolonged machine lifespan.

Versatile and Space-saving

The fiber laser cutting machine efficiently cuts metal plates and pipes, saving over 50% of space while enhancing productivity. Its open structure ensures work process visibility. With integrated sheet and pipe design, it adapts to thin metal sheets and pipes, effectively improving productivit

Heavy Plate Welding Machine Bed

Ultra-stable heavy plate welding machine bed for high-power laser cutting. High-quality steel construction resists deformation and ensures accuracy. Effective heat dissipation and dust removal for extended equipment life.

High-strength Aviation Aluminum Beam

Lightweight aviation aluminum beams with reinforced structure. Stress-relieving annealing, aging treatment, and fine machining ensure strength and stability.

Technical Parameters


3015ER 4020ER 6025ER

Working Area

3000*1500mm 4000*1500mm 6000*2500mm

Laser Power

1000W to 6000W

Maximum velocity of movement


Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Pipe Processing Range

6000* Φ10~160 (Square tube: 10*10~110*110) 6000* Φ20~220(Square tube:20*20~155*155) 6000* Φ20~350(Square tube:20*20~250*250)

Machine options

Standard configuration


BT110 laser head


Raycus laser

Air compressor

Plate welding bed

Cooling air conditioner

Profile aluminum beam

Smoke exhaust fan

Cypcut 8000S system



Cutting Samples

Industry Application