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Coil Fed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Safety and Environmental Protection

Coil Fed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Coil-Fed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine combines a fiber laser cutting machine with an automatic metal coil-feed system for efficient coil-fed laser cutting. It offers customizable cutting, marking, welding, and more. The automatic design saves labor, achieves net cutting, and improves plate utilization. With a high-load frame, stable operation, and flexible cutting capabilities, it’s ideal for cutting various metals. Widely used in agriculture, textiles, food, and engineering machinery manufacturing.

  • Coil-straighten
  • High Efficiency and High Quality
  • Safety and Environmental Protection 
  • 2 Year limited warranty
  • Passed CE,FDA, meeting furopean and american standarg

Main Advantages

Coil-feed Laser Blanking System

Practical and Efficient
Coil fiber laser cutting line enhances efficiency, reduces costs, ensures quality, and boosts market competitiveness for enterprises.
High precision

High-precision servo motor, reliable laser control, and programmable system ensure accurate feeding and cutting. Material leveling feeder with ±0.01mm correction accuracy.

High Stability
Rotatable rolling blades synchronize sheet material conveying with bed rotation. Double-sided chain transmission ensures even force distribution, improving bed stability and cutting accuracy.

this coil production line breaks through the limit of the ordinary laser cutting length, and has subversive significance in some fields.

High Efficiency and Environmental Protection 

The fully automatic coil fiber laser cutting machine features an automated design, collaborating with a multi-head laser cutting system and automatic metal coil system for efficient cutting. It reduces labor, enhances plate utilization, and ensures safety with full protection and real-time monitoring, minimizing environmental impact and personal injuries.

Multi-head Processing

The fully automatic coil fiber laser cutting machine offers customization for multi-head cutting, welding, and more. It features automatic splitting, multi-head asynchronous processing, real-time beam position control, obstacle avoidance, anti-collision, and efficient processing.

Hydraulic Uncoiler

Hydraulic uncoiler, 5T-15T single coil weight, supports professional cutting of 0.5-3mm stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized sheet coils. Strong stress relief: leveling machine eliminates sheet material stress, ensuring flatness and improved cutting experience. Leveling feeder with ±0.01mm correction accuracy.

Machine options

Standard configuration


BT110 laser head


Raycus laser

Air compressor

Plate welding bed

Cooling air conditioner

Profile aluminum beam

Smoke exhaust fan

Cypcut 8000S system



Cutting Samples

Industry Application